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This is the place to buy VisualWRAP Pattern Packs. These are VisualWRAP scripts for use with the VisualWRAP software.

Please note – prices are in USD

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If you are looking for the standard VisualWRAP pattern library (containing over 100 free patterns), click HERE.

There are four Pattern Packs to choose from. You can choose individual packs or the complete set (best value).

  • Pattern Pack 1 consists of: 3D Stars, Fish, Pinwheels, Stars (including 4 point, 8 point, 40 point, Flashy, Snowflake and Spaced) : 145 patterns in total
  • Pattern Pack 2 consists of:  Birds, Shapes, Spiders (including Basic, Barbed, Double-Jointed, Snowflake  & Combos): 156 patterns in total
  • Pattern Pack 3 consists of:  Circles,  Crosses (including Iron & Maltese),  IN IN, IN OUT, OUT IN, OUT OUT & Rose: 141 patterns in total
  • Pattern Pack 4 consists of:  Geometric patterns (including Chevrons, Diamonds, Mazes & Scales), Sparklers & St John’s Crosses: 168 patterns in total


  1. When you purchase one or more Pattern Packs you will be sent links to download zip files containing VisualWRAP Pattern Scripts. Click on each link to download the zip file.
  2. Unzip the zip file on your system (desktop is a good location). You will end up with a folder named after the Pattern Pack (e.g. Pattern Pack #1) and containing a collection of folders, one for each pattern category (eg Birds, Shapes, Spiders etc). Save this folder structure to your VisualWRAP Patterns folder. The location is typically C:\Program Files (x86)\VisualWRAP\Patterns.
  3. Run vizwrap, click on the File – Open Script menu item and navigate to the library files you just saved.
  4. Each download also contains a pdf document indexing each of the patterns you have just received. You can view this pdf to quickly browse each pattern.

Here are the purchase buttons for the Pattern Packs:

Complete Set

Pattern Packs #1, 2, 3 & 4 (best value):

$99.95 – Purchase Complete Set

Individual Packs

Pattern Pack #1

$29.95 – Purchase PP#1 ONLY

Pattern Pack #2

$29.95 – Purchase PP#2 ONLY

Pattern Pack #3

$29.95 – Purchase PP#3 ONLY

Pattern Pack #4


Click here to see examples of what these VisualWRAP patterns look like wrapped on rods

Pattern Pack #1

Pattern Pack #2

Pattern Pack #3

Pattern Pack #4