VizWRAP Downloads

Thread Libraries

The following link contains all the VisualWRAP thread libraries. It consists of: Gudebrod, Madeira, Pro Wrap Colorfast, NERBs and Fuji:


Here are links to the individual libraries:

Enhanced Madeira library (thanks to Steve Gilder):


NERBs ShadePacks library:


Fuji library:



  1. Click on the button to download the zip file to your system
  2. Unzip the zip file on your system and save it to your VisualWRAP\Colours folder
  3. Run vizwrap, double-click on the More Colours button in the thread toolbar and navigate to the new library you wish to load

Pattern Library

The following link contains the standard VisualWRAP library:

You can also purchase a printed copy of the Standard Pattern Library Index


  1. Click on the “Standard Pattern Library zip” link to download the zip file.
  2. Unzip the zip file on your system. You will have a file containing over a hundred pattern scripts. Name this file “Pattern Library” and save it to your VisualWRAP\Patterns folder.
  3. Run vizwrap, click on the File – Open Script menu item and navigate to the library files you just saved.
  4. If you left-click on the Index link then the index pages will open in your browser. If you right-click on the link you can choose to save the file as a PDF.

If you would like to purchase additional patterns, please visit the store


Cortona 3D Viewer download

Click HERE to access the Cortona 3D Viewer download from the Cortona website.

Click hereĀ for an older installation package:

Additional downloads are available on the VisualWRAP Help page.