Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Does VisualWRAP run on Windows 10?

A: Yes, it does 🙂

VisualWRAP will install smoothly onto Windows XP. Later versions of Windows (eg Win7..Win10) treat some shared files in a different manner. As a result some tweaks are required to get Vizwrap installed correctly on these later versions of Windows.

Q: How do I get the tweaks applied to allow Vizwrap to run on versions of Windows later than XP?

A: You can either apply the tweaks yourself, or you can seek assistance to get the tweaks applied on your behalf using a remote logon service.

Q: How do I apply the tweaks myself?

A: Firstly, install VisualWRAP onto your machine by running the VisualWrap.msi file from the CD. Then follow the instructions below. You will need to be fairly confident at following instructions and making some changes to your PC for this to be successful.

Download the support files onto your desktop. The files are in a zip archive, located HERE. Extract the archive into its own folder on your desktop. 

Here is an overview of the next steps:

  1. Replace the VisualWrap.exe file and associated ini file with newer versions
  2. Set correct permissions
  3. Unregister any required files using the new batch file
  4. Fix any shortcuts


Replace VisualWrap.exe:
Locate the original VisualWrap.exe file on your hard drive. It is typically in C:Program Files (x86)VisualWRAP. You may have to do a search to find it. Delete this original VisualWrap.exe from your hard drive and replace it with the equivalent file from the tweak files you downloaded.

Set Permissions:
Right-click on the replacement VisualWrap.exe file and click Properties.
Go to the Compatibility Mode tab. Select the "Windows XP SP3" mode.
Under Privilege Level, check the box next to "Run this program as an administrator"

Replace VisualWrap.ini:
Locate the original VisualWrap.ini file on your hard drive. It is in the Ini folder beneath the VisualWRAP folder. You may have to do a search to find it. Delete this file and replace it with the equivalent file from the tweak files you downloaded.

Run the tweaks batch file as an Administrator:
In the support files there is a file called "vizwrap_regX.bat". Move it onto your desktop. Right-click on this file and choose "Run as Administrator". It is very important to run this as administrator otherwise the tweaks will not apply properly.

Fix shortcuts:
Check that the VisualWRAP shortcut in the Windows Start menu (or desktop) works OK. If it diesn't, right-click on VisualWrap.exe and drag a shortcut onto the Start menu (or desktop). Run VisualWRAP and confirm that no error messages appear.

This completes the basic tweaks required to allow VisualWRAP to run on a Windows machine. The tweaks batch file and folder can now be removed.

Q: How do I seek assistance in getting the tweaks applied?

A: Email and request remote assistance. You will need to install TeamViewer on your machine. You will also need to advise me what your VisualWRAP serial number is, printed on the CD packaging.

TeamViewer instructions:
Please install Team Viewer on your machine. This is available from

What normally happens is this:
You install Team Viewer on your machine. You set up your machine before going to bed and email me the access code which enables me to connect using Team Viewer at my end.
When I see your email with the access code, and I have the time (usually weekends), I log onto your machine, make the changes, and then log out and email you to tell you it is done. When you wake up you see my email and VisualWRAP is all good to go.

The reason I do it like this is due to time zone differences. I am in Australia and when I am on line is typically when you are sleeping (most Vizwrap users are in the US). For this to work it means you will need to trust me to make the changes unattended, and you also need to set up your computer so that it does not go to sleep when you leave it running at night. I have made this fix remotely for many other Vizwrap users and it works just fine.

If you are comfortable with all of this then what you need to do is the following:

1. Run Team Viewer.
2. Email me Your ID and Password from the "Remote Control" tab
3. Sign in and check "Keep me signed in".
4. Set up your computer so that it does not go to sleep. To do this I go to the Start menu, type Sleep in the search box, and select "Change when the computer sleeps" from the control panel. Make the setting "Never". The computer will now sit there awaiting me to log in remotely.
5. Once I have made the changes (typically overnight on weekends) you can log out of Team Viewer and uninstall it. You can also change when your computer sleeps back to its original setting.

Q: Will VisualWRAP teach me the basics of decorative thread work?

A: No - It is assumed you already know the basics, for example, how to prepare your blank, how to hold threads in place, tying off, etc. If you are looking for basic information then you can try the following resources (in no particular order):

  1. Do a google or youtube search
  2. Purchase Billy Vivona's "Decorative Wraps"
  3. Purchase Clemens' "Custom Rod Thread Art"
  4. Purchase Tom Kirkman's "Rod-building Guide"

Q: Is VisualWRAP hard to use?

A: VisualWRAP has a learning curve. It also has many features. Depending on what you want out of the software will determine how deeply you need to understand it. For example, if you simply wish to see how existing patterns form, thread-by-thread, you can achieve this using a few keystrokes. If you wish to create your own patterns, however, then you will need to learn about the pattern builder and the scripting language.

VisualWRAP has many resources available to shorten your learning curve and get you up to speed as quickly as possible. Click HERE to see the Help page.

Q: Does Vizwrap run on a Mac?

A: If you have access to a Windows emulator then you can run vizwrap.

CrossOver is an app that will let you run vizwrap on a MAC.

Not all vizwrap features will run in an CrossOver, for example the 3D viewer does not appear, and the spool toolbar does not display the selected spool colours.

If you need help with installation (eg to get access the VisualWRAP installation file) please email

Q: Can I run Vizwrap on more than one computer?

A: Vizwrap is licensed software and is licensed to be run by the purchaser. If you have, say, a desktop and a laptop then it is OK to install Vizwrap on both.

Q: Who can I contact for more information?

A: Send an email to David Boyle: