VisualWEAVE Software

What is VisualWEAVE?

VisualWEAVE is weaving design software for custom fishing rod builders. It lets you create your own grid patterns and left lists for weaving.



VisualWEAVE is designed to make the job of creating grid patterns and Left Lists for weaving as simple as possible.  The software allows you to easily:

  • Load an image file,
  • Create a grid pattern, and
  • Create a Left List

VisualWEAVE is from David Boyle, author of the VisualWRAP Cross Wrap Design Software.  It draws on the author’s extensive experience in writing and supporting software written specifically for Custom Rod Builders, and incorporates ideas and suggestions drawn from many of the leading practitioners of the art of weaving.

How will VisualWEAVE help me with weaving?

Weaving in rod building allows you to start with any image, create a grid pattern and Left List, and then transfer the equivalent image onto your rod blank using different coloured threads.  VisualWEAVE simplifies the procedure of turning images into grid patterns and Left Lists.

Here is a list of the features of VisualWEAVE that will aid you in your weaving efforts:

  1. Import image files from photos, scans etc (bmp, jpg, etc) or start with a blank grid and paint your own image.
  2. Automatically create a grid pattern from an imported image.
  3. Choice of ‘Simple’ or ‘Advanced’ grid sizing modes. The imported image is then scaled to the grid size selected. Simple Sizing allows you to manually specify the number of rows & columns to appear in your grid.  Advanced Sizing takes into account the size of the rod, thread sizes and desired finished pattern size to suggest a resulting grid size. Advanced Sizing helps avoid the issue of the weave being too large and having it curl too far around the blank to be admired easily. 
  4. Auto color-matching.  The software chooses the closest available thread colours to match the colors in the original image.
  5. Palette-limiting.  This allows you to select which thread colors the software can use in the grid pattern.
  6. Preloaded with typical thread colours from known manufacturers.


The work flow for VisualWEAVE is fairly straightforward:

  • Load an image
  • Size the grid
  • Create and tidy up the grid image
  • Create the Left List

VisualWEAVE is supported by a Help file and a Quick Start tutorial.

Check out the VisualWEAVE Help page for access to these downloads.