New for 2019 – Snapper is a photographic sweep stand kit for custom rod builders

Take high quality photos of your rods, without the need for sophisticated equipment, fancy software or specialized knowledge of photography.

Your Snapper kit comes packaged in a clear, sturdy plastic envelope so it’s always ready to go. It’s everything you need to start taking great photos, in one package.

There are three easy steps to taking better rod photos:

1. SNAP your photo, using the snapper kit

The Snapper in use, set up on a typical work bench. If the lighting is harsh you can use the light-diffusing sheet, pulled up over the rod and your head, to create a light-tent effect. This softens the lighting, evens out the lighting, and leads to nicer looking photos.

2. SNIP your photo, cropping out extra details

Smartphones and digital cameras typically let you crop images very easily.

3. SHARE your photo, and build your social media profile!

A picture is worth a thousand words, and great pictures can make a real impact.

Better Pics = More Sales!

Quality photos can differentiate you from your competition by highlighting your workmanship and signalling the pride you take in your work. A great photo may be the difference between a sale or not, and may let you command higher prices for your work. If sales are not your goal, great photos let you create beautiful memories worthy of sharing.

Any aspect of a rod can be photographed anywhere using the Snapper.

Be Creative!

Each of the following shots was taken using the Snapper. Unique backdrops (e.g. the shark & the camo theme) were found online and then printed and used with the Snapper stands. Use your imagination to create a unique look.

Variety of shots, all taken using the Snapper.

Kit Contents

Each Snapper kit consists of the following items:

  • 3x Snapper Stands
  • Multiple backdrops in various colors (a selection of colors plus some sample scenes)
  • Light-diffusing sheet
  • Instructions for use (also refer to this site)

What you’ll need (not included)

  • A digital camera / smartphone
  • A source of bright light (sunlight, room lighting, floodlights etc.)
  • A camera tripod (not essential)

Help Information

See here for usage instructions and reference information

Sales Information

Please contact for more information or visit the VisualWRAP Enterprises booth at the 2019 ICRBE.