VisualWRAP Pattern Packs 1-4 Complete Set


This is the collection of Pattern Packs 1, 2, 3 & 4. Over 600 patterns in total!

Pattern Pack 1 consists of 145 patterns: 3D Stars, Fish, Pinwheels, Stars (including 4 point, 8 point, 40 point, Flashy, Snowflake and Spaced)

Pattern Pack 2 consists of 156 patterns:  Birds, Shapes, Spiders (including Basic, Barbed, Double-Jointed, Snowflake  & Combos)

Pattern Pack 3 consists of 141 patterns:  Circles,  Crosses (including Iron & Maltese),  IN IN, IN OUT, OUT IN, OUT OUT & Rose

Pattern Pack 4 consists of 168 patterns:  Geometrics (including Chevrons, Diamonds, Mazes & Scales), Sparklers & St John’s Crosses

Note: You need the VisualWRAP software in order to use these patterns!

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