The Maze Pattern

The steps to the maze pattern are

  1. Pink Cross
  2. Black Cross UP
  3. Pink Cross LEFT
  4. Black cross DOWN
  5. Pink cross RIGHT

To help you understand what this means, we need to look at some pictures and a video. The directions for the wrap (Up, Left, Down, and Right) are easier to remember if you think of looking at the wrap from the butt of the rod. Wrapping UP would mean wrapping up the rod towards the tip. Wrapping Down would be wrapping towards the butt of the rod. It’s the direction for what side the thread will be placed.

This picture demonstrates what each side of the pattern is with the directions. So when we say UP we are wrapping up towards the tip. When we say Right, we are wrapping towards the 90 degree axis, left is the 270 degree axis and Down is toward the butt. If it helps you, draw little arrows on your pattern sheet before you sit down to wrap.

Let’s look at the wrap pattern.

The first pass will make an X on the center marks.

Now the direction of the maze wrap matters here. For this pattern, we are wrapping LEFT. Since our first thread made an X we will be wrapping on the LEFT side of the pattern with the other 4 threads which the arrow represents.

We will continue wrapping on the Left side for all 5 threads.

On the 2nd pass, we pick up black and will be wrapping on the LEFT side again 5 times.

So that is the first of 5 threads. This will be what it looks like after all 5 threads are in place.

I want to add a note here about the placement of these threads. Since we just placed 10 threads total (pass 1 and pass 2) that shifts the pattern to the left of the axis by about 2.5 mm. When you do your layout threads, you will need to place them below the center mark so that your pattern stays lined up on the axis. The first wrap I did, I forgot to adjust and it was a terror trying to move them around.

Pass 3 picks up the same light pink color and wraps UP the rod 5 times.

This jumps to the 5th thread of pass 3.

Pass 4 will be black wrapping on the RIGHT side of the pattern 5 times

This picture shows all 5 threads wrapped on the Right side

On the 5th pass, we will be picking up a different shade of pink and wrapping on the DOWN side of the pattern.

This is all 5 threads

This is the first 5 passes. We are wrapping Left to Up, to Right, and finally to Down and then repeating that same rotation until the pattern finishes. This is after pass 6, black wrapped Left.

Pass 7 pink wrapped Up

Pass 8 black wrapped Left

Pass 9 pink wrapped Down

Pass 10 black wrapped Left

You keep wrapping that same sequence of Left, Up, Right, Down until the pattern finishes.

I wished that the wrap I did for the videos closed exactly like this one, but it did not. In order to mimic this wrap I would have had to do a 4 axis and probably take 1 or 2 colors out of the pattern to make this work. Since I had extra background space, I closed the wrap with the same colors used in the maze in a dark to light fade.

You don’t have to do that background fade if you don’t want to, you can close it in black and still have a really striking pattern. Now that we have walked through with pictures, let’s take a look at a video of how the maze forms.

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