The Maze Intro

The Maze pattern is a great pattern. Though it can come across a little confusing with the directions, once everything is explained, it’s rather easy. This doesn’t have to be shaded but I liked the look of the shading and thought it was really eye catching. The easiest way to explain this pattern is that we are wrapping chevrons on each side of our center mark to create a box. When we alternate the colors, we create a pattern that looks like a spiral. Here are a few examples from the visual wrap program.

This one is a 2 color maze and a different colored background. So 3 colors total to create.

This one is just a smaller version of the maze. Thinner bands, so probably 2 bands of thread instead of the five that we are using.

Another example of the maze except this pattern has been modified in order to create this look. When I say modified, I mean that the pattern was changed. This one has a +1 section and a -1 section so the band sized changed throughout the pattern.

Now that you have seen a few examples of the wrap, let’s take a look at how to wrap our shaded maze pattern.

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