Pass 6 -7

We are finishing the pattern in this video. This will be the most time consuming in the entire wrap with needing to pack often and only working with enough space for 2 threads to fit. Take breaks often, pack often, and everything will work out nicely.

I ended up having to shift everything in towards center to clean up the wrap and make it look nice and tight. If you end up doing this as well, just don’t push too hard. That can cause the center of the pattern to get misaligned and then you have to shift everything instead of just a few sides. Check your packing tools often and make sure that burrs haven’t appeared that could cut or slice your thread. Nothing is worse than getting the pattern to close and then you slicing threads because the tool cut them. If your tension was correct then you should be able to move threads as you see me move them. If you are struggling then you may be wrapping too tight.

The next few videos will be closing the background.