Marking the centers/ tape anchors Copy

This wrap requires two tape anchors due to how the pattern is wrapped. My preferred method is taping a popsicle stick to the blank/grip with painters tape to prevent residue. I will then apply double sided duct tape on top of that, leaving a quarter inch gap from the painters tape and the duct tape. You do not want the duct tape to touch the blank or grip and leaving that little gap will keep the anchor from crawling forward and touching either. I always leave a sight line for the popsicle stick as well so that I know exactly where I can cut into the tape anchor.

Next step is to mark the centers on your blank. My 0 axis numbers were all 49.3 with my 180 axis starting at 24.7 then 49.3 and 49.3. This center mark will be where we place our fish’s eye.