Drawing the axis Copy

We need to now find our axis and draw the axis to keep everything straight. Using a circle template, slide the template onto the blank and mark your 0 and 180 axis behind the template. That way when you take it off the blank, you don’t erase your marks. A circle template like this makes finding the axis easy and is also easier lining up the reel seat to the wrap. The only downside is that if you are adding a wrap after the guides are installed, the circle template will not work for you.

One you have marked the 0 and the 180 axis, place your blank in the butt alignment jig so that you can draw a straight axis quickly. I love how efficient it is to use a jig and it makes marking the blank so easy. If you have a straight line to follow that doesn’t disappear, then you are already going to have an easier time keeping the wrap straight.

I did not do videos of this process since it is extremely hard to film at an angle that you can see. If you have questions, let me know and I will be happy to help. My email is thedecorativestudio@gmail.com

Once you have the axis drawn on the blank we can move on to adding our tape anchors and marking the centers on the blank.

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