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For those about to wrap, we salute you!

This website is dedicated to technology that helps you build better fishing rods.

Since 2002, thousands of rod builders around the world have used VisualWRAP to design, view, edit & share cross wrap patterns.

A passionate rod builder and inspired by Dale Clemens’ “Custom Rod Thread Art“, David Boyle wrote the VisualWRAP software as a tool to let you see how cross wrap patterns develop, thread by thread, on your screen. You can work with existing patterns, or create your own using the in-built scripting language.

18 years on, VisualWRAP remains the world’s leading cross wrap design software tool, giving you the power create your own wraps and to better understand how patterns are formed so you can then wrap them on your rod.

Since its inception, VisualWRAP has helped rod builders around the world communicate their pattern ideas and creations. It has helped forge friendships across the globe as builders strive to beautify their blanks.

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Tight Wraps!