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VisualWRAP Software

The classic Windows software that lets you design, edit, wrap and share Cross Wrap patterns on your computer. 

Open a pattern script, watch patterns form thread-by-thread, change colors quickly, size to suit your blank, generate spacing charts, print true-to-size, view in 3D, even build your own patterns.

The original and ultimate Decorative Wrap software.


Additional resources:

Download the free Standard Pattern Library containing around 100 patterns (see here).

Purchase additional Pattern Packs, containing around 600 patterns (see below).

VisualWRAP Pattern Packs

Please note: VisualWRAP Pattern Packs require the VisualWRAP software to be installed in order to use.

VisualWRAP software is sold separately (see above)

Vizwrap Pattern Pack #1

Vizwrap Pattern Pack #2

Vizwrap Pattern Pack #3

Vizwrap Pattern Pack #4


Vizwrap Pattern Packs 1-4


VisualWEAVE Software

Weaving software for Windows computers.

Import an image, create a grid pattern and build a Left List.


WRAPTURE - A gallery of inspiring cross wraps


Free download!