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The Snapper Kit

A photographic sweep stand for custom rod builders.

Simplifies the task of photographing your rods.

Click here for usage instructions.

VisualWRAP Software

The classic Windows software that lets you design, edit, wrap and share Cross Wrap patterns on your computer. 

Open a pattern script, watch patterns form thread-by-thread, change colors quickly,

size to suit your blank, generate spacing charts, print true-to-size,

view in 3D, even build your own patterns.

The original and ultimate Decorative Wrap software.


Additional resources:

Download the free Standard Pattern Library containing around 100 patterns (see here).

Purchase additional Pattern Packs, containing around 600 patterns (see below). Also checkout bundles for extra value.

VisualWRAP Pattern Packs

Please note: VisualWRAP Pattern Packs require the VisualWRAP software to be installed in order to use.

VisualWRAP software is sold separately (see above, or see bundles for extra value)

Vizwrap Pattern Pack #1

Vizwrap Pattern Pack #2

Vizwrap Pattern Pack #3

Vizwrap Pattern Pack #4


Vizwrap Pattern Packs 1-4


Printed Index Pages

When you download a Pattern Pack it contains its own index, which is a PDF of all the patterns in that pack, showing its name and its image. Due to popular demand we have printed booklets of these indexes to make it easier for you and your customers to browse for patterns.

Printed Index booklet for Standard Pattern Library

Printed Index booklet for Pattern Packs 1-4

Bundle containing both index books (Std Library + PP1-4)


VisualWEAVE Software

Weaving software for Windows computers.

Import an image, create a grid pattern and build a Left List.

Decorative Wraps

Book by Billy Vivona

Billy Vivona’s book has taught a generation of rod builders the art of decorative wrapping. Drawn from his years of experience building rods and teaching others, Billy takes you through layouts, sizing, spacing, shading/fading, setting up, wrapping and packing. There are instructions for around 100 patterns, and spacing charts to help you size patterns so they close on your particular blank. 

One of the first to embrace VisualWRAP, Billy uses the software tool to create out of the box patterns which continually raise the bar and define the art. Billy dedicates a chapter in this book to using VisualWRAP, making the book and the software perfect companions.

B&W, 82 pages

Please note: Include your shipping details when completing the PayPal transaction so we know where to send the book!


Save 20% on these preset bundles:

Bundle 1: VisualWRAP software + Pattern Packs 1-4

Bundle 2: VisualWRAP software + Decorative Wraps book

Bundle 3: VisualWRAP software + Pattern Packs 1-4 + Decorative Wraps book

WRAPTURE – A gallery of inspiring cross wraps


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