What is DWPA?

"Decorative Wraps Pattern Animations" is a collection of animated movie files that show Cross Wrap patterns developing thread-by-thread. Lines on the screen are used to represent threads on the rod. Seeing a pattern develop in this way can make it easier to understand than the traditional method of interpreting instructions from a book.

Decorative Wraps Pattern Animations is a collaborative effort from David Boyle, author of the VisualWRAP and VisualWEAVE software packages, and Billy Vivona, author of the book "Decorative Wraps".

The animations are designed to present potentially complex pattern information in a simple, intuitive and easy to follow format, making the art of cross wrapping more accessible to a wider audience.

The animations are aimed at those already a little familiar with decorative wrapping. It is assumed you already know the techniques for laying threads on a rod. The animations focus on pattern development.

The animations make an ideal companion to the book "Decorative Wraps". It is also a simpler alternative to the VisualWRAP software.

The animations make a great teaching tool. The tone of the animations is colorful and fun, so should appeal to a wide age range.

DWPA Main Features

  • 20 patterns to choose from, plus a general introduction
  • A simple menu system for easy pattern selection
  • Each pattern is shown wrapping thread-by-thread
  • 3D image of the pattern appears at the end of each animation
  • Instructions on the screen are in a standard common language, and give a hint as to how each section of the pattern will progress (eg Box In, Cross Out, etc)
  • Pause, rewind, fast forward as required to let you focus on each part of the wrap
  • Ideal for playing on a portable DVD player or laptop right on the table where you wrap. Watch it, then wrap it!

DWPA Introduction

Click HERE or the image  below to see the DWPA Introduction video