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The Out+ Out+ Pattern

In this course we will be working on the pattern Out+ Out+. The previous pictures are of the wrap that I will be showing you how to wrap thread for thread throughout the course.

The Shaded Maze

The Maze pattern is a great pattern. Though it can come across a little confusing with the directions, once everything is explained, it’s rather easy. This doesn’t have to be shaded but I liked the look of the shading and thought it was really eye catching. The easiest way to explain this pattern is that …

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Decorative Wraps Basics

In this course we will discuss the different types of wraps, what an axis is, taper offset spacing, wrap terminology, thread, and tension.

Fading Vs Shading

In this course we will talk about the different shading ratios and how to utilize them in your wraps. I also discuss my opinion of the difference between shading and fading wraps.

The 3D Chevron wrap

In this course we will discuss how to wrap a 4 axis and an 8 axis 3d Chevron 8 axis 3D Chevron

The Fish Split Body Wrap

In this course I will teach you how to wrap the fish split body wrap and show you how to shade the background to look like ocean ripples.

The American Flag Wrap

In this course, you will learn to wrap the American Flag pattern from start to finish.