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  • Shows how patterns develop thread-by-thread.
  • Wrapping options let you show the pattern wrapping quickly, slowly, or pausing after each thread until you click a button.
  • Fully interactive 3D viewer shows how your pattern will look on a rod.
  • Automatically calulates spacings for square patterns, taking into account the taper of the rod.
  • Print patterns true-to-size.
  • Change colours quickly.
  • Various thread libraries available (eg Gudebrod, Madeira) and you can create your own.
  • Script Builder helps you create new patterns.
  • Online pattern library has over 100 scripts for free download.
  • Supported by an online forum.

The VisualWRAP software is aimed at those who already have an understanding of how to wrap patterns.  This is an advanced tool designed to help you ge the most out of the time you spend wrapping.