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  • Grid size up to 500x500.
  • Automatic grid creation.  When you import an image, the grid pattern is created automatically.  You simply touch up the results with the in-built grid-editing tools.  This is a great time-saver.
  • Colour-palette matching.  When creating the grid the software picks the closest matching colours in the spool palette you nominate.  Only want to use Red, White & Blue?  Simply load a red, white & blue palette, then automatically create the grid pattern.
  • Grid editing tools for easy manipulation of the grid image (freehand draw, rectangular outline, block, fil, erase, swap, undo).
  • Gudebrod & Madeira libraries available, plus you can create your own.  Visit the forum for news on the latest downloads.
  • Ghost feature to assist in grid editing.  Overlay a semi-transparent image over the grid for comparison with the grid image.
  • Printing options allow you to print to any size, eg. fit to X pages high/wide, print to X cells per cm or inch.
  • Print the grid in colour, or using thread nicknames.
  • Print square grid cells or rounded.  This is useful for those who prefer to weave straight from the grid.
  • Sizing tools to help determine the optimum grid size based on the size of your rod.
  • Left List created automatically, with the option to print of export in RTF format.
  • Left List can be printed in thread colours.
  • Grid renumbering to allow you to renumber the grid from any cell.  This allows you make the grid pattern numbering match the loom numbering, regardless of which slots in the loom you use.
  • Show or hide grid cells.
  • Supported by an online forum.

VisualWEAVE was written from the ground up to meet the needs of custom fishing rod builders.  Don't see a feature here that you think need?  Visit the VisualWEAVE forum and make a feature request.