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Windows software for Cross Wrap patterns  

VisualWRAP Cross Wrap Design Software


VisualWRAP helps take the guesswork out of cross wrapping.  It is one thing to see a pattern printed in a book or brochure.  It is entirely another to see that pattern develop thread-by-thread on your screen, and that is the power of this software.


Chevrons, diamonds, boxes, fish, stars - wrap each of these patterns on your computer instantly, in slow motion, or in response to mouse clicks.  View the results in full-blown 3D on a rotating rod.


Change colours easily to test new colour schemes, and print the pattern image true-to-size so you can very quickly see how it will look on your rod, or use as a guide when marking layouts. 


VisualWRAP requires Windows 95..XP and Internet Explorer.

Please note, VisualWRAP can be made to run on Windows Vista and Windows 7, however it requires some special tweaks, and you must contact the software author for assistance ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )


 VisualWRAP uses a scripting language to describe cross wrap patterns.  The language is based on the terms introduced by Dale Clemens in "Custom Rod Thread Art".  By describing where to place threads, what colours to use, and which sequences to follow, the software draws lines on the screen that represent threads.  The result is a thread-by-thread build up of patterns, and seeing how patterns form is an invaluable aid to the builder and a fantastic teaching tool.



 VisualWRAP was released at the 2002 Rod Guild Conclave in Nashville, Tennessee.